Tuesday, February 19, 2008

(3:11:34 AM) Nico: what should i get for my next netflix
(3:14:54 AM) Brian: Anal Justice
(3:15:02 AM) Nico: Cake Faggot
(3:15:58 AM) Nico: Anus Bakery
(3:16:13 AM) Nico: Snatchtwat: The Reckoning
(3:16:23 AM) Nico: City of Boobs
(3:16:53 AM) Nico: Rape! Raype! Raipe!
(3:17:03 AM) Nico: Rape Racers
(3:17:49 AM) Nico: The Impeccable Elbow
(3:17:58 AM) Nico: Aluminum Condom
(3:18:08 AM) Nico: 2 Black 2 Furious
(3:18:31 AM) Nico: Popcorn Niggers
(3:18:44 AM) Brian: The Kicking Faggot
(3:18:48 AM) Nico: Pass the Nuts
(3:19:09 AM) Brian: Jerking Off: A Musical
(3:19:14 AM) Nico: Professor Crime and Weasel Kid
(3:19:45 AM) Brian: A Herf, A Derf, And A Blerf
(3:19:59 AM) Nico: Queer, Part VII
(3:20:24 AM) Nico: The Legendary Legend of L. E. Gend
(3:20:46 AM) Nico: Dude where's My Socks
(3:20:49 AM) Brian: El hombre gay que toma un Piss
(3:21:20 AM) Nico: Curse of the Snake Eater 3
(3:21:34 AM) Brian: Cunt! The Animated Series
(3:22:00 AM) Nico: Not Another Robot Monkey Super Donkey Chicken Long Titled Pre Teen Allegedly Absured Comedy Movie
(3:22:26 AM) Brian: The Best Mustache: A True Story
(3:24:26 AM) Brian: I Can't Believe I Fucked a Bear! A Docu-Drama
(3:25:42 AM) Nico: food: the movie
(3:25:57 AM) Nico: Time for Lemonade
(3:26:14 AM) Nico: P'arfait
(3:26:24 AM) Nico: Peace Among Rapists
(3:26:46 AM) Nico: Tiny Golf Course Pencil 2
(3:27:10 AM) Brian: The Man Who Had a Sandwich For a Hand
(3:27:14 AM) Nico: Professor Crime Meets the Crime Farmer
(3:28:18 AM) Brian: Different Kinds of Juice
(3:29:27 AM) Brian: I Once Sucked Five Dicks (In A Row)
(3:29:33 AM) Nico: The Man Who Knew Too Much and Also Had a Sandwich For a Hand
(3:29:56 AM) Nico: Carwash Stoppers
(3:30:26 AM) Brian: Tape Savers
(3:31:33 AM) Nico: Ninja Nixon and the Planet that Time Forgot
(3:31:52 AM) Brian: Not Here
(3:31:58 AM) Brian: Not Here 2: Away From There
(3:32:17 AM) Nico: Snake Eater
(3:32:23 AM) Nico: Snake Eater 2: The Return
(3:32:32 AM) Nico: Snake Eater 3: Hey, These Aren't that Bad
(3:33:00 AM) Nico: Alien vs. Predator vs. Harry and the Hendersons
(3:33:00 AM) Brian: Operation Hardcore: Puppies and Sunflowers
(3:33:50 AM) Nico: Donuts and Butterflies: A Magical Land of Eventual Depression
(3:34:44 AM) Brian: The Chronicles of Pearnasia: Cigarettes and Murder
(3:35:05 AM) Nico: Vince Vaughn Doing Standup: The Movie
(3:35:26 AM) Brian: Your Choice of Dressing: Ranch, Thousand Island, or Death
(3:36:07 AM) Nico: Douchebag Drainers
(3:36:25 AM) Brian: Child Pornography
(3:37:02 AM) Nico: Giant Kit-Kat Bar
(3:37:22 AM) Brian: More God Damn Zombies
(3:37:26 AM) Nico: Arf, Woof, Bark
(3:37:46 AM) Brian: Snarky Assassins Who Trade Quips and Bullets
(3:37:59 AM) Nico: Exploring Castle Chocula
(3:38:56 AM) Brian: Images of Cats Dancing
(3:39:17 AM) Nico: Dogs Pressing their Noses Against a Wide Angle Lense
(3:39:55 AM) Nico: Funeral Crashers 2: ..Grandma?!
(3:40:18 AM) Brian: Shit Stealers
(3:40:33 AM) Nico: Hamster Tube Fuckers
(3:40:52 AM) Brian: The Ass That Played Chess
(3:40:59 AM) Nico: Wolfman vs. Hamburgler
(3:41:16 AM) Brian: Abe Lincoln: Futurecop
(3:41:18 AM) Nico: Knock Those Socks Off
(3:41:51 AM) Nico: King Rape and the Rape Runners
(3:42:20 AM) Brian: Underpants!
(3:42:25 AM) Nico: Pube in my Soup
(3:42:58 AM) Brian: Prince Meets Keiser Wilhelm
(3:43:03 AM) Nico: Ghost Touchers
(3:43:13 AM) Brian: Finger Pokers
(3:43:28 AM) Nico: Giant Fruitcake Takes Manhattan
(3:43:51 AM) Brian: The Muppets Take Darfur
(3:44:00 AM) Nico: Penguins Live in Hawaii and Surf
(3:44:07 AM) Brian: hay that one is real
(3:44:11 AM) Brian: ok yes it is late
(3:44:15 AM) Brian: i'm posting these on my blog
(3:44:17 AM) Brian: not all of them
(3:44:23 AM) Nico: lol
(3:44:26 AM) Nico: now?
(3:44:29 AM) Brian: sure
(3:44:33 AM) Nico: lemme see
(3:44:39 AM) Brian: well no not now
(3:44:41 AM) Brian: soon


Nico said...

i just need your signatures on these production contracts and we can get to work.

Anonymous said...

"Vince Vaughn Doing Standup: The Movie"

Robert Vaughn Doing Standup: The Movie


Anonymous said...